Rock outcrop in forest along Stony Brook - Princeton Township, NJ

Princeton Geoscience, Inc. (PGI) is a consulting company specializing in characterization and remediation of environmentally impaired sites. Jim Peterson, PG, LSRP, is the President and owner of the firm. In February of 2000, after ten years in consulting experience, he founded PGI with the vision to create a company that could deliver truly appropriate, cost‐effective solutions while providing unparalleled client service.

Historically our clients have typically been private-sector industrial companies and occasionally smaller commercial enterprises, other consultants and insurance and legal firms. For over 14 years we have been helping our clients effectively deal with environmental issues at their properties by interfacing with the overseeing regulatory agencies and complying with applicable regulations while advocating our client's interest. We mainly assist with managing all aspects of federal Superfund and RCRA Corrective Action sites and New Jersey's Site Recovery Act (ISRA) sites. In addition to this core area of expertise, we also provide litigation support and assist clients with property development through environmental and hydrogeologic assessments. Since 2012, we have also provided borehole geophysical logging services to our industry clients and to other consulting firms seeking to better understand and remediate complex subsurface conditions at their sites.

PGI has a flat corporate structure that facilitates streamlined communication internally and with clients, which in turn promotes smooth operations and easy troubleshooting of issues. Team members' intimate knowledge of projects' details, goals and timelines promotes efficiency and provides cost savings to our clients. Communication within the team at PGI and with clients is always direct and unencumbered by a chain of command.

We consider our clients and the trust they place in us our best asset. Over the years, through commitment to excellence in client advocacy, technical expertise and sound project management, we have developed a reputation for value-added consulting. With an eye on our clients' needs, and using sound scientific principles and practices, we deliver innovative, forward-looking solutions to environmental issues that take into account evolving regulatory, legal and technical constraints. We are aware that client satisfaction and loyalty are not constants, and are committed to the continuous effort needed to maintain our reputation and provide consistent, high-quality service.  In the words of several of our clients:

"From the very beginning of Marisol's RCRA Corrective Action project in 2001, Princeton Geoscience has consistently delivered on its initial promise to provide "excellent supporting and aggressively pursuing cost-effective and innovative site characterizations and remediation strategies." Beyond this, Mr. Peterson and his staff are keenly responsive to client demands and adept at employing (and occasionally creating) the latest field and office technologies.  I can recommend them without reservation for any project."

Warren W. Faure
General Counsel
Marisol, Incorporated

"For the past four years, Princeton Geoscience, Inc. has provided us with outstanding value for one of our Research & Development facilities in New Jersey.  They've been proactive in finding the most cost effective means to investigate and remediate the property under the ISRA regulatory framework and have reduced our estimated remedial costs for the site by 50 percent.  One example of this was rapid delineation of a chloroform groundwater plume using geoprobe sampling and a mobile analytical lab, identification of the source of chloroform based on a literature review (naturally occurring microbial interaction with roadway deicing salt), proposal of non-structural BMPs, thereby avoiding the need for further source investigation or active remediation.  Another example was use of a simple fate and transport model to avoid surface water sampling and ecological risk assessment related to elevated ammonia and nitrate nitrogen in groundwater caused by historic use of an onsite sanitary septic system, and, refurbishing and reuse of the existing septic tank and leachfield to flush potable water through the source area.  This simple measure has been successful in reducing concentrations within groundwater quality criteria, potentially avoiding prolonged monitoring and reporting requirements."

G. John Galasso, P.E.
Corporate Environmental Engineer
Lucent Technologies Inc.

"Princeton Geoscience has been a formidable partner, addressing environmental issues in a practical and cost effective way while ensuring full regulatory compliance.  One of the ways that Princeton Geoscience has been helpful is in their initiation and management of our in-house testing program, which has accomplished reduced testing costs while meeting all compliance requirements.  Princeton Geoscience is all about solutions with a value-added approach."

John N. Gillispie, President
Starr Tours

"Princeton Geoscience has done an outstanding job in helping us getting cost recovery, recommending attorneys and moving the project forward."

Steve Voellinger
Aero Plating, Inc.

In the community, we have volunteered our time and knowledge for the benefit of worthy causes. We participated in the American Chemistry Society's "Chemists Celebrate Earth Day" event at a local library by developing and hosting an educational, hands-on demonstration for children of a simple sand-box model of an aquifer and its vulnerability to contamination. We have participated at fundraisers for worthy causes, such as the Philabundance benefit, and have provided pro-bono technical assistance to a local farm in its efforts to expand its water supply and to a local watershed association for a drainage basin hydrologic assessment.

We also contribute to the development of the environmental consulting business and its ability to serve clients through education. Our President is a past member of the Advisory Board of the Professional Science Masterís degree program at William Stockton College, and served as an adjunct instructor in the inaugural year of the program (2010), teaching a course in project management. In addition, he presented to a group of attorneys on "The Role of the Licensed Site Remediation Professional" at a Brownfields seminar at the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education in 2011.


Princeton Geoscience recently began offering borehole geophysical logging services, to help geologists and engineers, drillers and other practitioners better understand subsurface conditions important to decision-making and design at project sites.

We are capable of providing logging services for a full suite of geophysical parameters, as well as interpretation of those logs in the context of your project objectives.  

For more information on our borehole geophysical logging services,  visit our borehole geophysics page and please contact us !