Services: Multi-Party Site Representation

Princeton Geoscience employee sampling groundwater

Participation in multi-party site remediation projects can divert corporate resources which may be more favorably directed toward other aspects of company business. PRP group experience may be broad, but additional technical perspective may benefit all participants. In addition, a fresh look at issues that may have been under review for years often allows new insights.

Residential heating oil UST removalFor these reasons, Princeton Geoscience, Inc. offers cost-effective multi-party site representation services. We function as an additional resource to assist corporate clients and their attorneys in several ways:

  • PRP group meeting attendance

  • Participation on technical committees

  • Review of proposed cost allocations, technical approaches, budgets and schedules

  • Assisting with management of liabilities at multiple sites

Contaminated soil excavation with backhoe

We work to ensure that the best choices are made and that our client’s interest is served at each stage of a project. Of course, every case offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. To see whether our services might be useful to you, please contact us today for a complimentary project review.