Borehole Geophysics

We provide geophysical logging services to aid geologists, engineers, drillers and other practitioners in their understanding of subsurface conditions important to decision-making and design at project sites. We provide a full suite of geophysical parameters and can assist with interpretation to support achievement of your project objectives.

We own and operate the latest generation of equipment to expertly assess the subsurface in a wide variety of locations and conditions. This includes the OBI40-2G optical televiewer and ABI40-2G acoustic televiewer. The result of 20 years of development, these tools provide unparalleled performance and high-quality data.

Having conducted our own research with the Heat Pulse Flow Meter, we know how to create and implement the right suite of logging tools for your site. Our data and analysis experts are able to extend extra services to add value to your results. We can work with legacy data / LIDAR. Our team of professional geologists are trained in structural evaluation, as well as the latest WellCAD software.

Why Choose Princeton Geoscience?

We are your partners--offering a collaborative, professional, solution-oriented approach. Need an industry leader in NJ, PA, or NY Geoscience and regional data correlations? Do you like working face to face with a team you can trust to tailor their approach to your specific needs? We have you covered.

  • Professional, solution-oriented approach
    • Geoscience expertise
    • Site / regional data correlations
    • Heat Pulse Flow Meter research
    • Outcrop data integration
  • Extended services
    • Legacy data / LIDAR
    • Structural evaluation
    • WellCAD services

Our Logging Services Support

  • Contaminated Site Remediation
    • Detailed, oriented structural data at wells
    • Interwell correlation for site-wide structure
    • Aquifer / aquitard unit definition and orientation
    • Fractured bedrock / unconsolidated formations
    • Planning for packer testing, conventional and multi-level well design
  • Resource Evaluations
    • Water supply
    • Mineral resources
  • Geotechnical Investigations
    • Rock quality/ strength information
    • Reference for core orientation
    • Breakout analysis

Borehole Geophysical Logging Slides (PDF)